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Wrong One To Fuck With

by Dying Fetus

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Can't wait for the catastrophe To envelope all that everyone can see Praying then predicting of what will come Refusing to wait the course of our own sun Imminent extinction is what feels so right Pestilence spreading across everything in sight Prophecy told, points to end of days Society can choose to close in their own way A tragedy that has been foreseen The cataclysm that proves you right Fixated on devastation Impending Armageddon Precognition of the first kind Shining wisdom unlike the Norse Where Ragnarok was wrong you're right Judgment day the second coming Revelation foretold apocalypse Still waiting for several centuries To experience the Ascension Massive upheaval emergence Nostradamus quatrains evident Passed the date of thermonuclear war Y2K on the horizon Mayan beliefs inspire the doomsayers Past the millennium screams Illuminati Comets, asteroids always contingency The visions of disaster, inexhaustible Global warming melting poles Playing god creating black holes Accepted theories disappoint The Big Crunch, Rip, and Freeze Wanting a more sensational end To bring humans to their knees Approaching obliteration Anticipation of mountains melting Suffering through calamity Wanted insight into a plague Looming adversity Always present until termination At the pinnacle of human kind Reached the edge of space to find Nothing to explain or answers to why How we got here and how we will die Deep-seeded lore's need to explain The end that awaits infinite rain Will you be the one to envision The end of science and God's kingdom
Scurry little insects, danger all-around Panicked seeking cover, like rats you spread, menacing the sound Wide-spread carnage trails you, delay and you will die The weaker links are victims, impeding the pace, on the stronger you'll rely The whimper of the useless, over in a flash Desperate measures needed, time to strengthen ties, prejudices past Bodies litter streets, carcass speed bumps, futile meat Just in the way, wailing panic, total doomsday Primal fear of dying, priorities set straight To witness swath of death, terror you can't fake Infection of the defeatist, spreads from dusk till dawn Absolute chaos, a run for your money Assets expended, exercise in futility Only battle-tested, now seeking certainty Ripping through the ranks, of countless troops deployed Leviathan of legend here it stands upright, battle until destroyed Wave after wave depart, wiped out in the field This debacle must be countered and then surge, the remaining never yield
Thorn in the side of accepted evil Judged guilty among my peers Only one sentence given Everything's in order no choice no fear Intractable resistant nuisance Inflexible determination On my way out Not like a bitch my own terms Die with integrity Caught in the wrong can't accept demise No path of redemption, present only lies Won't come crawling, begging, honor is on the line Marked for death this time, no other way out defined Not like a bitch my own terms Die with integrity No punishment completed Deserved sentence passed me by Will not go willingly Must be forced to comply I will pay eventually Warranted fatality Some will have to go for the ride The tempest of death inside My principles disputed, by my own hand Cessation of respect, a sadistic last stand It's not vital, to kill so many of you Reputation precedes me, ferocity is loose All who shall perish, dreamed of their victory Your substance revealed, incapable, no veracity Appalled by defeat, the most foreign flavor No submission given, now disgraced forever Stubborn ways persist, to the very end Ruthless demonstration, witness the bloodbath Destroy all threats, total eradication Can't be defeated knowing I could stop you Must earn then take, the privilege of taking me down Sneaky fucks hiding in the shadows Coward's way to bringing the pain Fuck you all and feel the wave of Power that runs through my veins With your character exposed Proves I need eyes behind me All your best men are down Will meet my end never knowing
Sunken and swollen, left to sink in bed Numb to all the pain and shame Procrastinate every thought every breath Zombie land playground is what you have earned till death Lost in space where depression fails to grab hold Dull, dim-witted, slurred drivel to behold Dazed, confused, you are checked out Forgot what the stress was about Lazy and crooked doctors give in to Your pathetic cries of forfeit Built-in ready excuses It was subscribed to, I'm not going die today Oblivious to any criticism Legal and ordered to consume Given up for all accounts Deadly brew of pills, I deny Self-subscribing, pain or mental? Extra ground up in how many bumps? Closest thing to rapture enjoy Ignore disgrace its non-existent Lonely place of degradation, misery likes company Tell their story to each other, their modified history Junkie birds of a feather, new lies weave easily So proud of the victim status, share the pain and believe Sum of the day's score is how content you're meant to be Hiding in your dungeon, gloomy place of depravity Sickly and contagious, aura of negativity You’re drenched in the squalor, state of degeneracy Baffled by being avoided, family and friends look for the exits In denial of excessive self-loathing, looking for pity and any will do Trying to force people to sympathize, putting on the show of your misfortune No one wants to hear about your decline, or want to watch your self-destruction Reveling in the abyss, the vacant stare, almost unconscious Forget about all the shit that's piled high Hoard the stuff it's not enough, then the trash is adding up Preying on others' understanding, single out who will empathize Betray the trust of dispersed pity Squander any currency you think you're entitled to receive Pessimist till the end, Debbie downer is not your friend Manipulation to the highest degree Lies you tell are eventual truth Piece of shit you don't even fucking know it Forsaken and marooned Time is running short on feeling sorry for yourself Your body's failing not made for the insalubrious Your weakened state, the result of neglect The toll you have taken from self-medication Sleeping in garbage, and effectively abandoned Fuming alone about everyone's callousness You are the trash that others have taken out Removed the burden, that's had them weighed down
Old beefs that remain intact To be crushed beneath your feet A debt that can never be paid No matter how many enemies are deceased Can't see much clearer in this life That I chose to live More than a simple feud Will not end till death The enemy you know two-faced, deceit is their way Twisted cohorts, all lethal Nothing will stay the same, fueling each other Enact revenge, press forward Do what needs to be done, settle past offense Move swiftly, will kill now All involved are marked men, guilty of your own Crimes against humanity Or god is your choice Must be dealt with No time like the present Folklore tells of clans remaining dormant Revisited dilemma, call on your allies Genealogy to always be involved Never get away from Death of family will never stop If you continue down this path Histories of the bloodlines Fused together Bonded by blood Combating each other Warfare forever Hostilities will continue The struggle binds you Spreading ripples of cause and effect Every life taken remembered Justified revenge crucial In endless conflict Each choice berates a dynasty Each fate tied to another All involved willing to escalate Intensified hatred embraced
Marching orders out to the masses The agenda set by the extraordinary Rules of engagement not for the radical No conditions needed for chaos The flames of discontent Now they will burn Instigate, occupy Bedlam is here Time to punish the few who succeed Level the playing field, claim your equity Shown by the organizers is proof enough Possessing the knowledge that they're fucked up The goal of disorder and the notch of arrest Fills your back-story and who you detest Will there be a time to pay for this shit? Maybe after the earned professorship The flames of discontent Now they will burn Instigate, occupy Bedlam is here With the moral equivalence of Satan Channeling karma back in their face Rabble rousing has fired up the morons Directed to push until they're disgraced Make it known to disagree is not allowed No diversity of thought is tolerated Now they are whom is hiding in the closet Fear of reprisal from phony hatred This banishment is not fitting Must be made to suffer Swarmed upon, hordes of fools It's the end of an era The guiding of hostilities Of utopia rising It's the end of the debate Witness the silencing Prepared gangs of radical combatants Armed with the PC banner to surround Parading out disgraced goliaths Showing the rich knows no bounds With the help of the loyal media The cost of dissent shown as an example Must be nice for the kool-aid drinkers One-way rules, the unwanted are trampled
Last hour to grasp, the free reign autonomy Left to unravel the dominion that exists Time ticking faster, all your plans a ruse Usurper at the gates to deal with who resists Columns of armor exit making haste Abandoned bases scavenged almost bare, scoured New tenants on the way making claim Anarchy's short life-span to dissolve Filling the void of exhausted power, axis of evil, you can never be free here A power vacuum, unwelcomed chasm, needed order leads to countless beatings Fall in line, in scheduled time, direction given so no need to worry Free of choice, the puppet strings, dragged toward commanded stability Cyclones of demise rip across the skies Scorched Earth, dry lips quench dust, ingested pain Bombs from the heavens randomly rain down Lotto of the doomed is preordained Ordered where to go, directed what to be Restricted passage only, there's nowhere to flee Impossible to track, predators amongst Pursuing deadly killers, urban legends debunked Martyr's families uphold, what you could be National example, rank hypocrisy Bones and blood and clothing, all that's left in debris Race to paradise lost, fuck Let all the sheep follow their supreme god Back to the terrain of self-preservation Territorial reflex is not you feel Nothing to protect but securing your next meal Matched competition becomes the biggest threat Targeting the rivals of survival Strength in numbers of mindless disciples, obedience makes fanatical powerful Sound of sonic boom panics, every last piece of shit Lone wolves weave through battlefields, scavenging what's left behind Standing as the only victors', still alive with nothing to hide Innate show of force There's the food who's getting it? Resilient survival Anyone in the way will pay Lawless territory made for one kind Only one kind The kind to thrive Made for retribution Ingrained tough resolve Filling all the void of the exhausted power, it's an axis of evil so you can never be free here A power vacuum is an unwelcomed chasm, needed order leads to countless beatings Fall in line within the scheduled time, direction given so no need to worry Free of choice, feeling the puppet strings, dragged toward commanded stability
Fallacy 04:30
Scratching of the surface, to self-redemption Every sinners' calling, to bathe in forgiveness Confess to man, to pardon what you have done A higher place above where all transgression is gone Not all commandments broken are from the pious Bowing to the altar of the public's estimation Perpetrators to be shamed, ostracized existence Forced out of the spotlight, time to beg visibly Purged of the crisis, claiming to recognize Time served in rehab, arise in new-found glory Clearly caught red-handed, before the mob takes action Bowing down to Oprah clearly the best decision Provided that you kiss the ring, make the payment in full Cleansed of wrongdoing, newly earned protections Armor of apology Bow down to the dogma Paid absolution What the fuck? Misled, inflated, busted Time to learn your place Circle the wagons, initiate Judged by your own Elites that cow down their peers, in convicting status Racist, junkie, selfish, dummy; diminishing apparatus Discerning citizenry performing obligatory duty Judgments made in back-stabbing ways, makes for traitorous company Busted for any sins that reflect on the sophisticate's conduct Made an example for engrossed public's narrow focus Misled, inflated, busted Time to learn your place Circle the wagons, initiate Judged by your own Celebrity and fame the industry built on envy Disgraced now disappear, then return to the aristocracy
Superior class, a cut above, raised elite Exclusive insight, exceptional, highly unique A steady hand, sophisticated, groomed to lead Extra is owed, from their deeds, pure demon seed Affluent flow, irrational privilege, repugnance is born Narrow the focus, undisputable, objects of scorn Witness the snobs, flaunting their wealth, honor's disgrace Widen the gap, tease the peasants, in your face Wanting to destroy any semblance of success Purge all possessions of the image you detest Bought and paid for essentially what you are Victor of the fixed, haters loathe from afar Rampant jealousy over things that you desire Covet thy neighbor, he must be cleansed with fire Why does it belong to you? And not to me? You have to guard to own It's mine, you will see Absurd repulsion, disgust in the creators Of the game that's been rigged Not for you, you've been cheated Deceived, and lied to The victim, ready for revenge Despise the prosperous, and reasons for your failure Your trials trivialized, making you a hater All of the obstacles, you overcame are dismissed Condescending eyes, reflecting why you're pissed Symbol of hatred, blatant deception, vile betrayer Target of fury, fully deserving, and the heirs Revolting presence, infamous incarnate, indignation Patronizing, treacherous, degradation Villainous traits, clearly exposed, barren souls Genuine evil, inherently devious, reverence sold Eradicate, exterminate, the pretentious prey Filled with deceit, your god to meet, send you on your way On your way Superior, born worthy to be elevated Tormented, that circumstance is your reality Suffering, the equalizer brought forth through blood
I am the dying apparition End of your display, too late for regret Final moments in slow motion Your foolish choice, trying to amuse Choking down, blood, air, and mucus Feel the cost of miscalculation Boasting and bragging, all but past Enduring the price, curiosity's last Wanting to astonish so everyone can see Attack unworthy foes, no not like me Petrified pride, the sad fool's terror Blind-sided and broken, soak in the ignorant failure Living to intimidate, tormenting the ones you can Rolling the dice is your fate, unlucky or doomed or dumb Never wanted to gamble, thought the strength was assured Then there's an immovable object, your power an unstoppable force Bitten off more than you could chew Trying to impress with your primacy Can't match a level that intense Shocked to see the outcome unfold Pushing forward with weakness Compared to hardened past a joke Ran into this ruthless mother fucker Last time being wrong Stalking the weak, making the rules You just realized, I'm the wrong one to fuck with Pushing my buttons, daring a response Clear regret, the wrong one to fuck with Pain creeping in, blurred mortal wound Grasp of horror, the wrong one to fuck with Can't change your mind, too late this time Your life is spent, I was the wrong one to fuck with Thinking the outcome can be in doubt First and last mistake, beat the arrogance out of him Don't fear the pain inflicted, warming up idle hands Knowing the worst is later, solace for the moment Wrapped in the shame of cowardice, no end is undeserved Time for atonements' past, exposed, frail fool, that's you Thinking the outcome can be in doubt First and last mistake, beat the arrogance out of him No coins for Charon, unable to cross over worlds Dumped out in the river, found unworthy to pass now Cannot hide from past shame, experience what you have earned Take pride in suffering, paying homage to the dead No ego present, instead accepting to believe Fate of the damned, no doubt is your destiny
Redemption of the conquered, an erroneous belief Demoralized and beaten, introduction to the apex distinction No need of trepidation of your trivial existence Solemn acceptance engulfed, finally knowing your place Bow down, bow down, plead, beseech Hopeless, hopeless, pray, no reply Searching for imagined glimpse of pity, begging for shards of empathy Empty, empty, soul, demise Resigned thoughts of escape never to resurface Relinquished objection, coping mechanism Vital subservient mission in your new abode World of dominion, the pain endured Control never to sway, the simple commands Fresh lexicon, must obey You must suffer for the master Deep need to please is survival, your reward is the proof Small steps to earn approval, loyalty devotion Weak attempt to avoid provoking, punishment due to be paid Defiant, mutiny, you must pay Dehumanize the subject, watching hope extinguish from your eyes Vacant ego, empty gaze, humiliation complete Unable to fathom the world you knew, no desire, or vision for escape Obedient servitude, appease the heavy hand of discipline Believe, this is not your life, death to come when you’re worthless


Death metal overlords DYING FETUS once again raise the bar of sonic extremity with their 8th studio album and first new material in over 5 years, Wrong One To Fuck With. The seasoned veterans manage to further stretch their creative and technical boundaries across 10 complex tracks of pulverizing death metal, filled with more dynamic intricacies, brutal breakdowns and varied vocal patterns than ever before. Now over 25 years into their distinguished career, DYING FETUS cement their legacy with Wrong One To Fuck With and uphold their position as the most dominant force in death metal today.

First press of the CD includes expanded, deluxe packaging and an exclusive bonus track "Induce Terror"!


released June 23, 2017

2017 Relapse Records


all rights reserved



Dying Fetus Baltimore, Maryland

Formed in 1991, DYING FETUS have matured into one of the premiere extreme death metal/grindcore acts to emerge from the massive global metal underground. The band is recognized worldwide as a prime example of songwriting perfection, combining an innovative mix of technical virtuosity and catchy song structures to create the ultimate blend of death metal, hardcore and grind. ... more


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